20 Nov 2020, 15:45 UTC+8
12 minutes each (plus Q&A)

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Leigh Lunas (GeoLadies) | Pent Elyria Dawn V. Liongson (MapBeks) | Andi Tabinas (Mental Health AWHEREness PH) | Joshua Mario Bacal (MapBeks) | Feye Andal (GeoLadies)

OSM LoCos: Finland Edition
Leigh Lunas (GeoLadies)

Sharing my experience as a new mapper in Finland: community, naming conventions, mapathons, etc.

LGBT Safe Spaces Mapping in the Philippines
Pent Elyria Dawn V. Liongson (MapBeks)

Learn how MapBeks uses maps and GIS to push forward social change through its LGBT Safe Spaces Mapping project with the use of QueerMap by qiekub.

Audible maps: Mental Health AWHEREness' HEAR
Andi Tabinas (Mental Health AWHEREness PH)

In this session, I would like to share about our new map, HEAR; Here 2.0 and how it encourages people to show care and contribute to raising mental health awareness through a map of messages of hope they can listen to.

HIV Facilities Mapping in the Philippines: Status Update
Joshua Mario Bacal (MapBeks)

A summary MapBeks' HIV facilities mapping and the direction it will be leading in the coming months. Learn more about the 2020 OSMF Grant project's methodology, current status, initial impact, and ways forward!

Mapping my OSM journey
Feye Andal (GeoLadies)

This is a collection of stories and experiences being an OpenStreetMap volunteer (and paid mapper) for 7 years. This presentation is nothing technical and fancy, just plain fun and inspiring.

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