Day 1

Time Plenary hall (Sofia Hall)
08:00 Registration
09:00 National Anthem
Welcome remarks - Chris Calumba - Principal, Foundation Preparatory Academy
Opening Remarks & Announcements
Organizing team and Foundation University
09:20 Keynote Address
People, Pixels, and Ice Cream
Rene Sanapo, The Asia Foundation (slide)
10:00 Group photo
Break at The Kennel
10:30 - Introduction to Open Communities, Eugene Alvin Villar (slide)
- State of OpenStreetMap: Philippines, Arnalie Faye Vicario (slide)
- State of FOSS4G in the academe, RK Aranas (slide)
- Open Contracting and Hivos, Ben Hur Pintor (slide)
- OpenStreetMap and Grab: Bringing communities together in South East Asia, Jinal Foflia (slide)
- High-Accuracy Low-Cost Drone Mapping, Rhea Lyn Dealca (slide)
12:00 Lunch at The Kennel
Time Room 1 (CS Lab 1) Room 2 (CS Lab 2) Room 3 (IT Room)
13:00 Data Storytelling with Open Contracting Data. Hands-on workshop bringing together journalists, open data enthusiasts, storytellers, mappers, and visual artists to learn, be inspired, and to come up with their own version of data stories on public procurement. Zack Lee (Hivos SEA,VOICE), Vino Lucero (PCIJ), Frei Sangil (Layertech Labs), Ben Hur Pintor (School of Data)
Introduction workshop to OpenStreetMap. Walk through the basics of contributing to the OpenStreetMap project, and learn how you can contribute to building the best free map of the Philippines. Arnalie Faye Vicario & Eugene Alvin Villar
14:30 Break at The Kennel - -
15:00 Geo* Data Science with Python. A hands-on introduction to the commonly used tools for implementing geo data science workflows with Python. Ian Panganiban
Human Experience Design for Maps. A quick hands-on workshop on how to use design thinking principles to create better maps. Charmyne Mamador
OpenStreetMap Mapathon
Mapping the fire stations of Negros Island MapAm💜re
16:30 Break at The Kennel - -
17:00 Creating interactive maps using Mapbox GLJS. Find out how to use Mapbox GL JS, a JavaScript library that uses WebGL to render maps from vector tiles and Mapbox styles, to create an interactive map of threatened and endangered birds in the Philippines. Maning Sambale
Collecting street-level imagery for the commons. Learn how to collect street-level ground imagery using smartphone or action cameras, using Mapillary or OpenStreetCam. Erwin Olario
OpenStreetMap Mapathon Mapping pedestrian crossings with Pic4Review
Rally de Leon
19:00 Socials - TBD -  

Day 2

Time Plenary hall (Sofia Hall)
09:00 Lightning talks
- S&T Infrastructure and Spatial Technology, Neyzielle Cadiz
- CWTS and Mapping, Ron Casingal
- Why I map and continue to volunter? Joseph Pada
- VGI for Local DRR planning, Monica Mendoza
- Tambayan Center, Rommel & Harley
- Drones :heart: Robosat, Maning Sambale
- PhilAware, Adityo Dwijananto
- Guagua Open Mapping for DRR, Aldwin Mallari
- MaptheGap, Ardie Orden
10:00 Break at The Kennel
Time Room 1 (CS Lab 1) Room 2 (CS Lab 2) Room 3 (IT Room)
10:30 Foregrounding spatial narratives against development aggression: methods, tools, and modes of countermapping The panel/workshop on pioneering countermapping methodology to foreground experiences of violence and displacement of vulnerable groups due to land conversion and urban development. Participants will engage in a guided cognitive mapping and critical reflection exercise. Cian Dayrit, Ony Martinez, Ben Hur Pintor, & Noreen Sapalo
“DIY” imagery collection for mapping. This workshop introduces how to use high resolution imagery collected from off-the-shelf UAV devices for mapping in OpenStreetMap. Leonard Soriano, Ian Gongona, & Leigh Lunas
OpenStreetMap Mapathon
Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)
12:00 Lunch at The Kennel - -
13:30 Beyond the Basics with QGIS 3.X. Learn about cool plugins in QGIS, new features of QGIS 3.X, advanced styling, digitizing and georeferencing, connecting Q to remote services, the QGIS graphical modeller, etc. Ben Hur Pintor
Datamining OpenStreetMap with Overpass Turbo. A hands-on crash course on web-based geodata mining, plus quick-and-dirty maps. No OpenStreetMap experience required. Erwin Olario
When women map. The Geoladies-led workshop will engage women to tell their stories and map places, spaces, and experiences that shaped them. Participants will form groups, exchange ideas, and map places using ID editor. GeoLadies volunteers
15:00 Break at The Kennel - -
Time Plenary hall (Sofia Hall)
15:20 GeoLadies plenary session. The Geoladies special session is a series of talks about how women navigate daily life, society, and the world. GeoLadies volunteers
- Evolution of the Woman Mapper, Jen Alconis
- Maptime and Philshore, Charmyne Mamador
- MAPAbabae: Map for and with Women, Arnalie Vicario
- Women Reprezent!, Leigh Lunas
17:00 Closing Session

Day 3 Community/Field Mapping

These are optional out-of-campus activities.

  • Field data collection for OpenStreetMap.
  • Collecting aerial imagery with drones.